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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 21:06

Activity from National Joint Registry (NJR)

Mr Oakley has:

752 Total Knee replacements entered in the NJR. (Knee surgeon average 240)

613 Total Hip replacements entered in the NJR. (Hip surgeon average 208)


The above are primary (first time) joint replacements. Mr Oakley also has a special interest in redoing or "revising" knee replacements that have failed for a variety of reasons. He therefore takes over these difficult cases from other surgeons.


He has 139 revision knee replacements recorded in the NJR, against an average of 14.4 in other surgeons offering revision. Due to this extensive experience he can offer you the best chance of a good result, even in "difficult" cases.


He does not routinely do revision hips.

Failure rates:

Failure of a hip or knee replacement is rare but does occur. All UK surgeons now have their "failures" recorded, but as yet the data is not published.

The graph to the right is taken directly from the NJR and shows every surgeon in the UK performing knee replacement as a dot.revision rates tkr 11 9 13
It looks complex but is not really and gives a lot of infomation. The vertical axis shows the Standardised revision ratio, while the horizontal axis shows the expected number of revisions based on that surgeons case load.

The blue dots (individual surgeons) on the green line have an average number of failures, those above this line have an above average number of failures and those below, a lower number of failures.
Those dots in red are considered outliers, ie they will be investigated.
Mr Oakley is proud to be able to state that he is represented by the black triangle.

revision hip rates 11 9 13
The graph to the left is the same idea but for Hip replacement. 
Again Mr Oakley is proud to be represented by the black triangle

Mr Oakley has started to submit data to the new National Ligament Registry but as yet there are no results produced as it is very new. 

The above data was correct on 11 September 2013
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